Project Reviews done based on an interest in topic and are not available as a direct service for hire.




Ambassador interview

One on one interview with CryptoCandor & ambassador of project/team. Questions posed will be researched by Alex, and pulled from community outreach as well. 

  • Video can be prerecorded or streamed live.
  • The team may request questions prior to interview if they prefer.
  • A 50% deposit is required 24 hours before the interview, the remainder after the video is posted on YouTube.
  • Interviews are non-refundable barring technical issues.
  • If the video passes 10k views within 7 days a rebate will be returned to team.


  • High Resolution image of Company Logo
  • High Resolution image of speaker/s
  • Pertinent links team would like promoted

Strongly Recommended:

  • Interviewee is located in a well lit room.
  • To prevent audio feedback please use external headset, normal ear bud headphones would be fine.
  • Be sure interviewee has a strong internet connection, as this can cause audio and video discrepancies.

Project Review Poll

Every week there will be a poll with 4 options for the community to vote on which project should be reviewed next. While CryptoCandor will not do paid reviews, bids will be accepted to be listed on this poll. This poll will include 3 options curated by Alex and the community, with the 4th being a paid option.

Example of Poll:
Which project would you like to see me do my next review on?

1) Bitcoin
2) Ethereum
3) Litecoin
4) [Your Project] - Paid Option

Bids to be listed as an option will be blind, meaning no project will be aware of the bidding price. Bids will be due Sunday night UTC-5 every week. Non-winning bids will not be responsible for their bids, and will be allowed to be included in next week's poll. The winning bid will be notified by noon the following day (Monday). 

Bids can be sent via twitter direct message or a message on the CrypoCandor discord server. Public bids will not be accepted. 

Payment must be received within 48 hrs, by noon Wednesday UTC-5. If payment is not received by that time, the project will not be included in the following week's poll and bids will not be accepted by the party for the following 4 weeks. 

The poll will be posted on Thursday and run until Friday 5pm UTC-5. It's encouraged to share this poll with your community to increase the chances of being reviewed.

Twitter giveaway and blog post

Detailed article written on project and shared on Steemit as well as Medium, paired with a twitter giveaway funded by project/team to increase exposure.