1 Year Anniversary Live Stream! - Ask Me Anything!

1 Year Anniversary Live Stream! - Ask Me Anything!

This last year as been a crazy ride. When I started this channel I had no idea how it would evolve and grow into this awesome project that it has. Over the last year I've interacted with, met, and worked with fantastic people who I would have otherwise never know had I not gotten into crypto and on to YouTube. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone who has ever liked, commented, or shared my content because without you guys, I would have no one to make videos with. Thanks for being welcoming, and thanks for giving me a shot. Here's to the future. #hodl

- Candor

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❗️Update❗️- PIVX | Business Adoption, Bullet-Proofs, & ZDEX!!

❗️Update❗️- PIVX | Business Adoption, Bullet-Proofs, & ZDEX!!

❗️Update❗️- Substratum | Successful Bypass of the Great Firewall of China! 💥

❗️Update❗️- Substratum | Successful Bypass of the Great Firewall of China! 💥