Crypto 101: Security

Crypto 101: Security

Protecting yourself in this space is important, today’s video was about the easiest and most efficient ways you can go about securing yourself and your investments.

Website I mention in the video to check pw's:

Password strength and Difficulty
Either use a password generator, or use a long string of numbers and letters with different characters and non sequential numbers.

Use Two Factor Authentication
Setting up 2FA on your accounts will require a mobile application which will sync with the website. It requires a code after your username and password to continue with your login. It adds a second layer of security. 

Secure and Reputable Wallets
Using the core wallet, or official wallet released by the team for your coin is preferable. However, if a wallet has just been put onto the marketplace, users who are a little less than tech savvy should be careful, knowing that the wallet likely has many bugs and risk features which must be worked out.

Purchasing something like a ledger nano s, or a trezor can be a great investment and give you piece of mind. If you choose to buy a ledger use my referral code: :)

Never keep coins on exchanges
If you do not have your private keys to your wallet, you do not own your crypto. Leaving crypto on an exchange puts you at the mercy of the people running said exchange. 

Double Check the Address
It’s important to double check the address that you send any payment transaction to. It’s usually best to send a micro payment as a verification, and then send the larger payment to the verified address. Also double check the URL of the site you are on to make sure it is correct.

If you have all your coins stored on a wallet on your computer, and your computer stops functioning, you’re going to lose your coins if your hard drive cannot be restored onto another computer. Backup all your wallets.

Understand public and private keys
If you lose that private key you cannot retrieve it, and if you give someone the key, you’re giving them 100% full access to your accounts. If you do not have the private key to your wallet, you do not own your coins.

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