About CryptoCandor

Welcome everyone, my name is Alex and I’m the creator of CryptoCandor.

I started the channel as a way for me to focus my energy on projects I felt were worthy of being talked about. When I got into cryptocurrencies in Janurary of 2017 I found myself constantly saying, “I need to read up on that” or, “I’ll do more research on that later.” Of course life gets busy and the end result was I didn’t often have the free time I needed, and when I did I found most projects were so dense and technical I couldn’t get very far! 
As a resolution I decided to make the channel and focus on one project a week. This would require me to sit down and do some serious research so that I would be knowledgeable enough to discuss it on my YouTube. I also wanted to make a resource for people who are getting involved in crypto for the very first time, or looking for a solid project overview without being overwhelmed by loads of technical jargon like I was when I first started this journey. I have been blown away by the amazing support from everyone and how welcoming the community has been. I want to thank everyone for contributing to what has quickly become a very successful crypto vlog!. 

Thanks for checking out my website, and never forget - if all else fails, HODL!